Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chicken & Dumplins for the SOUL

The boys have been down with a yucky bug all week. First Dad, and now the boys. Knock on wood, it seems to have passed me by which I'm ever so thankful for because we all know that when the men don't feel well, they require a lot of "mama" love...which I don't mind giving. I think it goes back to my mom, her mom and their grandmother before that...we're all caregivers.

I remember when I was a kid, how I'd suffered with a terrible earache and what a comfort my mother was. She'd put fresh sheets on the couch, fluff my pillow, put on cartoons and make me hot chicken soup, with little slices of toasted bread. These little comforts made me feel so much better. So that's what we're doing today...I'm pulling out the big guns. This is gonna be a pillow- fluffing Chicken & Dumplin' kind of day!

: ) Mama's HoME-made Chicken & DUMPLin' RECIPE:

Chicken Broth
Roasted Chicken
Fresh Parsley
Fresh-Cloves Garlic
Pepper/Salt/Onion Powder
Chrystel Hot sauce

Dumplin's-Adds Salt pepper/onion powder to flour then mix in broth to right texture (flakey). Roll out dough (on wax paper) and cut into large squares.

In large pot add de-boned roasted chicken chunks and broth.
Add sliced carrots/celery/Garlic/hot sauce and simmer for one hour
Add hot sauce (just a dash) and dumplin's to boiling broth.
Cook another half-hour add fresh chopped parsley. Voila!

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Kathleen Gerus-Gerus said...

I just finished reading Mercy. I know this will sound bizarre but I feel like you wrote this book for me personally. I downloaded the kindle app to my iphone a month or so ago. Then one day I thought, "I should see what books are available." i went online and there was a promotion for Mercy Bleu. It was a free download! I was excited but didn't have a free moment to read it at that point.
I am 54 years old and have been living with HIV since I was 27. My late husband Michael, was a hemophiliac and died in 1992. My life has had many twists & turns, like Mercy. After remarrying 13 years ago to a man I knew as a kid, my life has been very good. My daughter, who is now 27, is getting married in Chicago in July. I graduated with my Masters in Sociology a few years back and I now teach part-time at 2 community colleges. Back 13 years ago I started a small non-profit, Stitches Doll Project, working with girls & women living with HIV infection. It gives my life purpose.
When I finally started reading your book yesterday I had no idea what it was about. You can imagine my surprise when the main character reveals she is positive. It really caught me by surprise.
Thank you for writing this hopeful story. In January I finally began work on my book. The book folks have been telling me for years to write. It took this long for me to believe that others might want to read such a story. Your book has helped solidify my resolve to finish it.

Kathy Gerus-Darbison