Sunday, January 23, 2011

On the Road AGAIN!

I sure do love a road trip. There's something about new scenery and the open road that never ceases to fuel my creativity. I can't wait to get home and start writing as I think I may have found the perfect setting for my next story.

Except for a stay in a seedy hotel that smelled like The Miami Dolphins had stayed there the night before and left their gym socks under the bed, the trip has been great. I have to admit that I was nervous about buying a vehicle that we'd found on EBay, but so far so good! It drives like a dream and we're covering some pretty serious miles to get back home. This picture is of a very large bridge on our way to Savannah, Georgia. I've never seen this side of the world and am surprised to find seagulls, sea ports, palm trees, and the most gorgeous, wide open stretch of blue sky! It's a far cry from the sub zero temps we left behind, for sure! Clay's "dream" truck is perfect, the road is beckoning, and now we're off to fulfill a longtime dream of my own.

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