Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Lighthouse Moment

It could go down in the Guinness Book of World Records as THE quickest road trip ever, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

If you've been following this past week, you know that the family and I flew into Orlando, Florida late Friday night to drive back the truck that Clay had found on Ebay. After a good night's sleep at a Holiday Inn, a quick breakfast, and some fresh squeezed Florida orange juice–we headed to the dealership in Daytona, signed the paperwork for Clay's truck just a-lickety-split, and then we hit the road running–next stop Savannah, Georgia!

With the Atlantic ocean breeze welcoming us in, we got right into the heart of downtown Savannah, stopping to have a little lunch at Fiddler's Crab Shack–a historic eatery along the banks of the Savannah river that serves up some of the best blue crab stew known to mankind. We must have looked like tourists (the camera and Clay's Bermuda shorts were a dead give away) because our waitress asked us where we were visiting from. When I told her we'd come all the way from Kentucky, she confided that seeing "The Derby" was number five on her bucket list. When I told her that seeing a lighthouse was #7 on mine, she said I'd come to the right place as there was a beautiful one not ten miles away and pointed us in the right direction.

Soon we were sailing down hwy 95 on our way to Tybee Island where I finally fulfilled my longtime dream of seeing a real lighthouse.

I was lucky. If I'd been three minutes later, I'd have missed out. Here's a picture of me, racing at sundown–just minutes before they closed the gate–to fulfill my dream. The picture doesn't quite do the moment justice, but trust me it was magical and something I'll never forget. Do you have a yen you've yet to fulfill? What is it? Seeing a lighthouse was just one of the things I'd hoped to do this year. Happy to say I'll be checking number seven off my list...


Anonymous said...

What a great but fun....and got a great truck out of the deal, what fun!

Kirstine said...

I've always dreamed of flying a hot air balloon. Which is odd 'cause I'm afraid of hights! But it must be wonderful. Well.. I posted about it here: So nice to hear of your dream come true!

Amy Rankin said...

Lighthouse and beautiful sunset...perfect timing!