Thursday, December 23, 2010

Quick..make a wish before the wax drips ; )

Charlie loves chocolate cake : )
Did I ever mention that my oldest child was a Christmas baby? Well, she was and that makes the month of December doubly special for our family. 

I was eight months pregnant with Alee when she decided to turn side-ways and stay there. Soon after my Dec. 12th due date came and went, the doctor scheduled me for a Cesarean was the week before Christmas! 

I'll never forget that December morning as Clay and I drove to the hospital, knowing that in just a few short hours we would be holding our child. Naturally, our emotions were riding high; we were scared–Neither of us had ever done this before! And we were excited–a real baby of our own! But most of all, we were just plain exhausted by the time Alee finally arrived. We'd been so preoccupied with getting everything perfect for the baby, that we'd hardly had time to give Christmas a second thought. I'm certain we put up a tree, but I honestly can't remember doing it. What I do remember, as clearly as if it were yesterday, was how it felt to rock my brand new baby girl in my arms, and watch her fall asleep to "Silent Night" playing softly on the stereo in the early hours just before Christmas morning.  Now that is something I'll never forget. She was by far the best Christmas "gift" that Clay and I ever received.   

We almost lost Alee when she was six, but thankfully we got a miracle. Because of new HIV medicines that were developed soon after she became sick, Alee's life was saved and today she can look forward to living a long, full life. And who knows what the next decade has in store for HIV–most likely it will be a cure, but for right now I am grateful for this day, for this Christmas, and I am especially grateful to be celebrating Alee's 20th birthday.  

As we lit the candles on her birthday cake, I told her to make a wish, quick, before the wax dripped, or Charlie pounced...

She laughed, closed her eyes and then blew out the candles. When she stood back up her face was radiant, and she was smiling. 

I couldn't tell you what she wished for, but I will tell you what I wished for–it's what all mothers want for their children–and that's for all her dreams and wishes to come true. Happy 20th Birthday, Alee. I love you!

What are you wishing for this holiday season? Whatever it is, I hope your holidays are filled with wishes come true!
Alee Makes a Wish...