Monday, July 5, 2010

Things You'll Only Find in Kentucky

A "distillery" in your Uncle Buddy's backyard. 
Or a little fine dining on the side of the road. 
There are some things that you will only find here in the South... An antique "distillery" in your Uncle Buddy's shed...a "HeeHaw shack serving up "grub" on the side of the road,  or how about a coin operating laundrymat/tan while-U-wait called the Suds and Bronze?  You know I couldn't possibly make these things up ; ) 

A California girl at heart, I will always be a little in awe of Kentucky. It's got a "flavor" and character like no other place I've lived, and the people are some of the nicest that you'll ever meet. It's been a great place to live these last fifteen years, I must say. 

And what a beautiful day it is today; one of those especially rare mornings, not often seen in July, where the temps are still below eighty, and here it is at almost 10 AM! From the sounds of the racket outside, the cicadas (a large homopterous insect with bulging red eyes and long wings) are restless and so am I. It's days like this that put me in the mood to go exploring. So, after a near non-stop writing debauch yesterday (Somebody, please pull me away from the computer keys!) followed by a hair-raising night of illegal fireworks exploding over my head today I'm taking a little hiatus. So, off we go–the kids, the hubby, and I–for a little scenic drive, and who knows? Maybe if we're lucky we'll run into a little "Hee-Haw" shack somewhere along the side of the road that's offering up some interesting fair. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends...and y'all come back now, ya here ; ) 

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