Tuesday, June 8, 2010

School's OUT for SUMMER : )

Check out my, I mean son at graduation!  Eighth grade graduation went off smoothly. This mom even held it together–No ugly cry which is always a big achievement : ) 
So summer is officially underway in our household and we're lovin' every minute of it. With all this free time the kids and I now have opportunities galore to explore new interests and hobbies. The kiddos have been saving up their allowances for a trip to...The Walmart! I know, I know...but give them a cart and a little cash and you'd think I'd just dropped them at Disneyland...they love it. So, anyway I set them loose and did they ever have fun. After much deliberation, Yonas picked out a skateboard kit. Not the fully assembled kind, but the kind you have to have a mechanical degree to put together...Well, the board was nearly as tall as he is, but he was smitten and there was no way of talking him out of it. Big brother, who happens to be great with his hands, helped him put it together and off he went!

Mitchell, who I swear has grown a foot this year, went for the barbells and weights. I love seeing my young man take an interest in fitness. He is growing up on me. It's still strange looking up at my fourteen- year-old. When his voice took me forever to get used to it. I'd hear this low, manly voice coming from another room and think we had company.  

Alee, my little artist, has taken up the loom AND crocheting. She picked up a whole slue of colorful yarns and different sized hooks. She's already made the cutest hat you ever saw and now I'm trying to talk her into making MOM one of those awesome knitted purses you only find at art festivals. If she's reading this (that was a hint, Alee).  

Me? I dusted the cobwebs off of my roller-blades, and finally finished reading The Mercy Of Thin Air while sitting under an umbrella in my backyard...a little slice of heaven, right there.

So far, our summer is off to a wonderful start! I hope yours is too and that you find some lazy days to read that book or pursue that hobby you've been wanting to try. 

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