Sunday, May 9, 2010

One Lucky Mama ; )

Mother's Day is finally here and I'm one lucky Mama : )  
Last night, we were up late watching Avatar (If you've not seen it yet, you've got really great) well, as soon as midnight hit, the kids declared that it was officially Mother's Day, "Now let the hugs begin!!" Big bear hugs from my babes...that was just the start. This morning they gave me something I really wanted (and shamelessly hinted for), one of those hanging upside down tomato plant things. It's AWESOME. Too heavy to hang on the iron hook they got though, so we got a little creative. 
The ice-storm of 'o9 killed a very big cedar tree in our back yard. Well, we've procrastinated and not cut it down and as it turns out it is perfect for "hanging" things, like colorful bird houses and yes, my new hanging tomato planter. I think I'll add a few "hanging" pepper plants, too. It's still a work in progress, but is turning out to be pretty cool so I'll post pics when I'm all done. 
Now, we're off to do a little grocery shopping for a very sweet, and very special eighty-year-old mom.  She is getting a hanging tomato plant too, BTW.  

When we get back home, I've got a special movie night planned with three awesome kids and one hunky husband. We're going to snuggle on the couch in our PJ's, eat popcorn and watch old movies. I can't wait. Wishing all you mom's (and families) out there a wonderful day filled with lots of love and big bear hugs!

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