Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Little Things

It's game night here in Kentucky and we take our Monopoly VERY seriously. Okay, maybe not THAT seriously, but I do have to say that I'm really enjoying seeing the kids put down all the electronics to enjoy a little old-fashioned, game night fun just like I did when I was a kid : ) 

Only when I was a kid I don't ever remember being distracted by hot air balloons skirting across the sky. We watched two of them float on past until they dipped down below the tree line and then we headed back inside to our game.   
I've gotten a head start on gardening this year. My pepper plant and strawberry patch are already taking off and summer in finally just around the corner! We have exactly six school days left before summer vacation officially starts : ) and yes, I'm counting down the days! This year has gone by so quickly that it seems like Clay and I have hardly had time to catch our breath. We're really looking forward to summer break and the kids being home, a little R & R, and definitely more game nights just like tonight. It truly is the little things that count... 


Bethany said...

Look how BIG he's getting!!

Suzan said...

LOL! I know it...growing like a liittle weed : )