Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Laundry Can Wait...

What to do on a Wednesday afternoon? LOTS, I'm sure, if you're a busy mom like I am. Hmmm, let's see...  My lawn is in desperate need of a good mowing, I have a laundry basket growing as high as Mt. Everest calling my name, not to mention a to-do list that grows longer much quicker than shorter, but you know what? All that stuff can wait because the way I see it my kids will only be kids for so long and I want to enjoy them. So yesterday, my husband and I put life's duties on hold and surprised the boys after school with an afternoon of golf. 
The weather was gorgeous and although I'm not much of a golfer, I do drive a pretty mean cart. The boys? Well, you couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces. We had a great time, and guess what? The laundry didn't go anywhere. Nope, it was still waiting for me when we got home  ; )  
                                    A waterfall on the ninth hole
Golf Carts and winding roads... Great practise for when he gets his driver's license in a couple years. 


M.R.J. Le Blanc said...

There's always time for fun :)

Kirsten Lesko said...

How fun! I'm all about letting the laundry pile up on beautiful spring days!