Thursday, March 4, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

                  Hilbillie shack somewhere in  KY

There's no place like home. Sun's shining in Kentucky–laundry's going–the songbirds outside are singing, and I just finished up with a couple carefully selected agent queries and hit the send button. Life is good...verging on great, even. I have to admit though, that this time every year I get the itch to travel. I'm sure that it has something to do with the long, cold winters. There's just so much that I want to see and do!

This desire to hit the open road may also have something to do with my upbringing. My mother was a bit of a "Gypsy," and growing up we never stayed in one place for very long. This had its drawbacks, but the experiences and adventures we had I wouldn't change for anything. It was very exciting as a child to whiz across a state-line marker at sixty-miles an hour. "Welcome to Nevada!" or "You are now entering Utah" We'd dine in roadside eateries and stay in rainy night hotels while we were in transit. What struck me the most, though, was how the minute we'd cross a state line, everything changed. It was like some invisable shift. The weather, the terrain, and especially the people, just like that–changed. Not only did they look differently, but even the way people talked was different. Yes, beautiful Californians you too have an accent!

Born in Pocatello, Idaho I lived in five different states and went to more schools than I care to count, all before the age of seventeen. It wasn't until I met and married my husband of now twenty-two years that all that changed. We moved to Kentucky when our oldest daughter was just four and we've lived here now for fifteen years! I guess you could say I've grown roots. It was very important to me that my children have stability. I wanted them to have a sense of community and belonging. Most importantly, I didn't want them to have to change schools multiple times as that had proved difficult for me. Roots. They are a good thing, but so is adventure and exploring the world around you. I'm grateful for every experience I had growing up, and as winter drones on I find myself eager for warm weather and opportunities to hit the road, but no matter where I go or what adventure in life I seek, it's nice to know that I will always come back to where the laundy's going and the songbirds are singing; the place where all my dreams were born...that place I chose to raise my children, no matter what, will always be home. 
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Kirsten Lesko said...

Your story is so touching & I believe it needs to be told. Excellent blog.

Suzan said...

Than you, Kirsten!