Sunday, March 28, 2010


                 CHARLIE'S NAP TIME.

*Big Sigh* Ahhh... Sunday. It's the day before Monday–one day after Saturday and quite possibly the best day of the week. A day to rest up, relax and re-charge for what one can only hope is a productive week ahead!  

I'm neck deep in edits and used last week to move a few short-story pieces forward with the intent of entering them into some literary contests that I've come across. Contests–if a writer can place in one, are an almost sure bet to getting an agent's attention. 

The competition is stiff as well-established literary journals receive thousands upon thousands of submissions, but you never know, some lucky writer has to win, right? So last week and the week forthcoming that's what I'll be busy doing, but today, I will push away from the computer keys (after this post, that is) and I will re-charge  : ) 

Sunday. Is there any better day? I think not, and my pal, Charlie seems to agree! 


Kirsten Lesko said...

Good luck with the contests! They' re such a great way to start getting your name out there.

Suzan said...

To all those who posted comments: My dang blogger acting up and won't let me post them : (
Keep trying and hopefully the bug will get worked out soon! I really do appreciate all of you who posted!!