Monday, March 1, 2010

"Girls Day Out"... Plus a Boy Or Two.

From about the time my oldest, Alee, was four or five we began having what we called our "Girls Day Out." We'd usually go hang out somewhere fun, catch a movie, or go have a fancy lunch somewhere complete with white linen napkins and decadent desserts. Whatever we did–the only for sure thing was that it always ended with ice-cream.

I have to add here that I've adjusted pretty well to my girl being away at college. I'm actually down to one box of tissue which is way better than my usual four! : ) Still, heart of iron that I am, I do look forward to seeing little glimpses of her on the weekends. Last weekend we'd made fabulous plans to go see a play, and then as luck had it I came down with a lousy cold that nixed our day. The weekend before that Alee'd had plans with her friends, SO, I was counting down the days for this Saturday to roll around.  Finally, it was the weekend and my college girl was home! And then one thing happened after another. First, Clay was now down with my rotten cold, and no way could I ask him to watch Yonas. Big brother, Mitch was a no-go because he had a movie date, and needed a ride... Our "Girls Day Out" was not looking good. 

And then we got an idea. We revised our "G-D-O" to include a boy, or two. Hey, why not? Yonas certainly enjoyed the attention, Mitch made it to the movies, and we girls still got to end the date with–you guessed it–ice-cream! And in the end, a good time was had by all : )

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The Unbreakable Child said...

Gotta love those girls out days. I bet me and mine hit every tea room here in our state. And, chocolate was the conclusion for each one. I, too, look forward to coming-home-weekends, although I know it's to be her 'laundry queen'. =P

Author and HIV/AIDS Advocate--S.Meredith said...

LOL! Now this really made me laugh (One laundry queen to another!!)

andreawilliams said...

Fun!! I try to cherish every second my kiddos are young. I know that the time will go by too fast.

Author and HIV/AIDS Advocate--S.Meredith said...

Does it ever, Andrea!