Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Boy Who Cried "Hawk"

Yonas, my gregarious eight year old came running in the house the other day. His eyes were big and his face animated. He said, "Mom! This giant bird like thing–looked like a owl or something- just crashed into my head and almost carried me away!"
Now, you have to know my Yonas. He's been known to stretch things a bit to make a story really good, so in my mind I'm thinking it was maybe a sparrow that sort of darted across his path, right?

"No Mom! It was really BIG!! And it attacked me!" He grabbed his head and yanked his hair. "I think it wanted to eat my head!"

I started to laugh at his silly antics.  I smiled wisely and patted his head.  "Yonas, now what have I told you about exaggerating the truth? Don't you remember that story about the boy who cried wolf?"

He nodded his head. "Yes, he didn't tell the truth and when he did nobody believed him."

"Right. Now come on, let's forget about the giant "attack" bird that tried to carry you off and let's go make some lunch, how about it?" 

He shrugged."Sure mom, okay...but I'm not joking, really, the bird tried to eat my head." He looked up at me with sweet, brown eyes. "Can I have salami?"

"Yes, Yonas, you can have salami." And that was about the extent of it...until about a week later when there was a letter from animal control in my mailbox that went as follows:

RE: Red Shoulder Hawks

We have received several phone calls about a pair of very aggressive hawks roosting in a tree near the creek along Blank Drive.
These hawks have a nest with eggs in it. That is why they are being so aggressive. The eggs should hatch very soon, then the parents will be busy feeding the baby hawks, and hopefully not have time to attack people walking by.

We suggest that you avoid the area for the time being. If that's not possible, then wear a hat to protect your head, and carry an umbrella. The birds will hit the umbrella or you can swing it to defend yourself should they attack.

The letter went on to say about what hawks like to eat (mice, rats rabbits, snakes, frogs) and that they probably wouldn't carry off any children...

Well, if Yonas was the boy who cried wolf, then I'm the mom that ate crow! I showed Yonas the letter and we told Dad and everybody ended up having a good laugh. "I told you so, MOM!!" He laughed.
I raised my right hand, "Yonas, I promise that I will never doubt you again!"
And I won't! The next time Yonas comes to me with a big whopper of a story, you can bet that I'll believe it! : )

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Kirsten Lesko said...

LOL! As a mother to a whopper-telling 4yo, I got a real kick out of this. :)

OneThankfulMom said...

Our kids have an amazing ability to keep us humble! What a great story.