Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meet Romeo...

Okay cat lovers, meet Romeo-my very fat, Siamese cat : ) He's my baby, and if you haven't guessed–he REALLY likes my desk! He also likes my chair, which kind of throws the balance off when I'm trying to type, but we manage. In fact, if he's not walking across my computer keys, or perched on the back of my chair, my writing time just isn't quite the same. Just the other day, I'd stepped away from the computer keys to freshen my coffee and when I got back Romeo had tip-toed across the keys and added his very own paragraph to the chapter... Wasn't too terrible, actually–next time he should use the spellcheck ; ) Below is a picture of Romeo guarding my manuscript. If you couldn't tell, he takes his job VERY seriously. Would you just look at that face?

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Alex said...

What a lovely cat(and I covet your office!) My rag doll cat does the same thing on my chair. Between her at my head, and my dog at my feet, I'm quite comfortable. :)

Suzan said...

LOL! So true, Alex. Pets do seem to like to hang out where the action is!