Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here Comes the Judge... And He's Shrunk a Little!

It's official! Yonas's re-adoption here in the States is finally complete and now we can apply for his US birth certificate and SSI number. Some states don't require that you re-adopt, but unfortunately Kentucky's not one of them. It's a rather costly ordeal, but I'm certainly glad to have it done. It was our very last little hurdle to jump and we actually got to meet some great people who helped us along the way. The judge wasn't anything like I expected. (I guess I watch too much People's Court : ) He was super! I think after a long day of handling custody and divorce proceedings, our happy little affair was a welcome reprieve. After the re-adoption proceedings were all done the judge shook Yonas's hand and invited him to come up and try out his fancy chair.  Yonas had one word for it... AWESOME! 

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1 comment:

Andrea H. said...

Isn't that so awesome when it finally done? The very last step of adoption. Just made my blog private so I will email you an invite.