Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas on Waldo's Mountain

Hey! It's cold up here!

Where did Dad go?!

Cute little winter girl

Are you sure that knot will hold, honey?

Do you ever wonder where our holiday traditions come from? Yep, me too. I think many are passed down to us from our own families, some come from friends and others we just seem to pick up as we go. Christmas wasn't always a happy time in my home when I was a child. My mother often seemed to get sad around Christmas and although she would try to hide it, children pick up on these things. I'm sure that being a single mom who worked full time yet still had difficulty making ends meet played a large part in her discontent. Still, we always put up a tree, and my mother who very rarely cooked would on Christmas Eve, put on a meal fit for a king. So, from her I took those two happy traditions, putting up a tree and putting on a fabulous Christmas dinner. During my early teen years, I had a close girlfriend whose mother, even on a bad day, could rival Martha Stewart. I remember it was so much fun to hang out at their house during the holidays. They were like Leave it to Beaver meets Emeril. Could this lady ever cook! Ever had homemade beef jerky? She would marinate it all day and then hang it on her oven racks. While it cooked, we'd sit at the kitchen table stringing real cranberries to hang on the tree. When we finished, she'd pull the strips of jerky off the racks and we'd get to sample it while it was still warm.  No, I'm not kidding! Those two traditions I adopted from her family. Some of the most fun traditions, I think we just sort of pick up along the way. Take this morning for instance. Every year Clay and I go round and round about a tree. He likes the kind that come in a box with the lights already attached and I like the good smelling kind that you have to haul home on top of your car. So we compromise, some years we do it his way and other years we do it mine. This year we did something totally different. We drove to a Christmas tree farm. Well actually, we got lost trying to find the Christmas tree farm and then when we finally did find it (down a long stretch of road that led deep into the woods) the place was closed... But the owner, who happened to be rabbit hunting, after hearing how far we'd driven, decided to let us drive up the hillside to pick out a tree. It didn't take us long to find the perfect one–a seven foot tall Scottish Pine. We had a lot of fun up there on the Christmas tree farm. It's definitely a new tradition that I hope to continue. It's true what they say, it's the little things that really count. Traditions–no matter how seemingly incidental–give our children (and we grown-ups too) something special to remember and look forward to during the busy holidays!  So whatever your traditions, be them old or new, big or small, you need only remember one thing... Just enjoy them! Our children will grow up but the joyous memories we create today will be something they remember and pass down to their own children. If you have any traditions you'd like to share I'd love to hear them! Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season.     

The "Design Team" did such a great job!

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lifeonplanetearth said...

I'm with you on the fresh smelling (albeit messy) trees! Our favorite tradition is playing Christmas music and decorating the tree together.

cathy said...

just found your blog and am honored to be reading it. from a fellow adoptive family, i appreicate your honesty. blessings.