Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dream Big... It's a Brand New Year!

Determination, good joo-joo and a little luck will get you everywhere!

I can honestly say that I've never made a New Years resolution that I've not achieved, and I will tell you the secret to my goal setting success shortly, but first let's talk about you, the New Year and what resolutions you may or may not be contemplating as 2010 rolls this way. Really, so much depends on what stage of life you're at. In my twenties my goals were... Lose that 5lbs, find a better job and naturally meet Mr. Wonderful. In my thirties, married with children, I owned a hair salon and much of my life revolved around long hours and unsatisfying work. I adored my clients and loved doing hair–what I didn't enjoy was trying to be and do it all. The hours were long (eleven plus hour days) my children young, and I was struggling with my decision to run a business when, in fact, all I really wanted was to be a mom. That year, unhappy and under much strain, my resolution was simply–to enjoy life more. As understated as that particular goal seemed at the time, it proved to be the most important resolution I would ever make. Enjoy life more. Think about it. Isn't that why we make resolutions in the first place–to make our lives more satisfying? Making that one resolution led me to do a lot of soul searching, which in turn led me to leave the salon business and pursue my true passion–writing–which enabled me to be an at home with my kids–which led me to adopt another child... All of which helped me to achieve my current state of affairs. Enjoying life, am I? I must admit that I am. After much trial and error, I've finally found my true calling and it's not one that interferes with my life, my children, or my joy.

If you're exactly where you want to be, congrats and more power to you! If you're still working to get there, ask yourself these two all-important questions:

1. What would make me enjoy my life more?
2. What steps do I need to take to get there?

Remember when I said that I'd never set a resolution that I'd not met? Here's the secret. Write it down! Writing your wants and needs down on paper sets them into motion. Write the goal you want to accomplish, and then below it, the baby steps you can take to get there. Remember, even small steps in the right direction WILL get you there eventually. DREAM BIG this year!

New Years Resolutions–2010
1. Good health.
2. Good fortune.
3. Good joo-joo : ).
4. Good Literary Agent.

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PositivelyOrphaned said...

Happy New Year S! My resolution is to start taking vitamins. There, I've written it down :)