Monday, November 30, 2009


World AIDS Day '08-National AIDS Memorial Grove in S.F. 

This World AIDS Day my heart is filled with so many emotions... Sadness for the lives lost and for the many people who still don't have access to ARV medicines, but I am also filled with a great sense of hope. As daunting as the AIDS crisis is, we are making great strides toward finding a cure and ending the epidemic. Every day brings us one step closer.
There are so many organizations working to raise money to help people who don't have access to medical care and ani-virals. (Red) is a fantastic organization to support if you're looking for a way to make a difference. Along with their partners, (red) has supplied ARV's to 2 million people thus far! Everytime you buy something (red) a portion goes directly into a global fund that reaches around the world to save lives! 

I am also feeling incredibly grateful. I am a mother, who came very close to losing both of her children to AIDS, but instead witnessed the miracle of protease inhibitors. These medicines literally brought my children back to me. And then around this time four years ago, my family received yet another blessing. His name is Yonas. Here's the short video below that started our family's journey to adopt.  AHOPE is helping orphans gain access to medicine, medical care and schooling. In addition, many AHOPE children have found families, just like Yonas.  To read more about our adoption journey follow the link. 

This World AIDS Day, when, like me, you're asking yourself what you can do to help, just open your heart and your eyes to the many possibilities. You can and do make a difference!


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PositivelyOrphaned said...

I recognize some of those adorable faces! Absolutely precious. So happy to know that many of them, including Yonas, have families again.