Saturday, November 14, 2009

For the Love of Books

Everybody loves a good book! Today, Clay and Mitch are off to the golf course, so what better way for Alee, Yonas, and myself to spend a few hours than at the bookstore. Diaries of a Wimpy Kid happens to be Yonas's favorite. He's been wanting the new one that came out recently. I've actually read a few chapters (when he wasn't looking of course) and have to admit that it's funny as all get out. Alee, my oldest, is more parsimonious. She's a girl who likes a deal, so she'll be on the prowl for some discounted good reads, I'm sure. I'm sort of a "know-it-when- I-see-it" type who has to take stock of everything before I can decide. I love to read anything from Bram Stoker to Laura Day. My list of favorites are an endless supply of ever-changing titles. Although, one thing I'm stuck on is paper. I won't say that I'll never use a Kindle, just not for reading novels. I can certainly see where a Kindle would come in handy, say for a college student who didn't want to carry around a heavy history book, but a novel–well, that's another story. Personally, I relish the touch and feel of a book. I even like the sound of the turning page. And if it's been one of those truly special books that end up leaving a lasting impression, well, then it turns into a "keeper" that gets stuck up on the bookshelf where I can dust its wrinkled spine once a week. *Big sigh* You know what I'm saying... Come on!  For me reading a novel on a Kindle would sort of be like popcorn without the butter. Plus, who doesn't love that distinctive smell of a bookstore? I can't imagine pushing through the doors of B & N and instead of the wonderful, clean smell of ink and paper, getting a deep whiff of battery pack and plastic instead.  Don't misunderstand, I'm all for technological advances, but here's hoping that some things never change, like the beauty and mystery of cracking a brand new, hardcover book.  So, with that last little sentiment, the kids and I are off to the bookstore! I'll let you know what I find. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and find some time to lose yourself in a really good book.  


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Terresa Newport said...

I am always reading two or three books at a time. Usually something metaphysical like Deepak or Eckart, a novel by just about anybody, and a documentary about the origins of religion. It is a mini vacation. When I have a backache from sitting at the computer working for too long, I can steal away to the velvet chaise by the window and snuggle in for a few pages of connectedness with the whole Universe. When I can't focus on having my brain sucked completely out of my head by the tube, I can curl up with a cup of my favorite chai tea and read the latest Maeve Binchy novel, only one of my favorites. Or when I am waiting in some waiting room for some service, I can pull the book out of my purse and run away with Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy and join a round table discussion about the greatest story ever sold. I love to read. It is so much more fulfilling to expand my brain and think new things, than to ponder only what is going on in the room that I currently inhabit. While I love bookstores, my local library is furnished with big yummy velvet window seats and the delicious smell of academia. It is a snowy, blustery day. I have my travel cup of vanilla ginger chai, it is off to the library, I go. I love you Suzy! You inspire me!