Monday, September 14, 2009


                                   AIDS WALK '09
The weather for Louisville's 17th annual AIDS walk was perfect. Not as hot as some years past and at the halfway mark, as we crossed over the Belvedere Bridge, music played and a wonderful breeze washed in over the river.  There was a tremendous feeling of camaraderie as we all walked across the bridge and back to support and raise monies to help those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS in our community. The walk was also pet friendly this year! They had wading pools along our route for the pets to take little breaks in even. Talk about cute.  I'm not sure how many people were there but I can say that I don't ever remember the walk being so crowded.  We've got alot of support and alot of people who care. We are not alone in the fight against AIDS.    

 Their shirts read..."My Mom, My Sister, My Aunt." May she rest in peace. 
                Taking a little break at the half-way mark.

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Andrea H. said...

I love the AIDS walks. The one in our town is about to begin in a few weeks. So much money is being raised, I love it.

Suzan said...

That is awesome, Andrea!

Anonymous said...

It's very cool when Louisville comes together, you see all walks of life. We all show up for this great day, to remember the ones who walked before us and lost their battle. It also brings in all kinds of money to help the people living with Aids today. It's a great day for Louisville and the state of Kentucky.
Great Job Louisville.
Husband to a great woman!
Dad to three great kids!