Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today's the Day!

My baby at age three...
                                                     Making the bed at her dorm.

Alee moved into her dorm today! When we pulled up to the dorm we were met by seven strapping young men who graciously helped carry in all our things. I was very happy for this bit of good luck because we had a carload full, let me tell you! There was a suitcase mashed full, TV, VCR, fan, three bags of food, books, backpacks and four big boxes filled with who knows what? Alee's roomie is her best friend since sixth grade, which is very cool. She'd settled in just a couple of hours before and was there to greet us with a big smile. 
Thier dorm room is awesome. Small, but airy with lots of light. They have two twin beds, a couple student desks, lots of closet space and even a fridge. It was much better than I'd thought it would be. After we unloaded Alee's "tons" of stuff, I didn't stick around long. I could see they had everything they could possibly need. 
I've only been home for a few hours now. I'm still processing the whole thing. My baby is gone. But you know what? I'm okay. Better than okay! I know, this surprises me too. But seeing her so happy and eager to start her new life in college is exciting. Her happiness is my happiness. Plus, let's get real here. I have a secret weapon that I know will lure her home on the's called Arroz Con Pollo.  I'll post the recipe sometime. Yes, it's that good!
Alee with her best friend and "roomie" 
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Signe said...

Way to go Mom. You must have done your job well for you both to be so content with this major life transition.

Andrea said...

YAY mom! And yay baby girl! Love the secret weapon, ;o) Can't wait to see the recipe. Prayers for a wonderful first year for her.

Leslie said...

That's so exciting!! What a happy milestone!

Andrea Hill said...

Your baby is off to college. What a milestone. To be with her best buddy that is so awesome. Doesn't time just fly?