Monday, August 24, 2009

A beautiful day...for a deer?

Beautiful day, windows open...getting housework done when I look up to see a family of deer loping through my backyard. The big ones bolted but this little guy stuck around long enough for me to snap his picture! Only in Kentucky! I've lived here for thirteen years now but I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing deer in the backyard! 
I hope everyone is off to a good week. Mine is going fair... I say fair because I'm missing my college girl, Alee like you can't imagine. She is having a great time and started her first classes today. I'm hoping for a phone call from her tonight so I can hear all about it. So far, she's really liking it. Even math! Which was always her least favorite subject... Go figure.
I head out in just a few minutes to pick up the boys and then the house will be nice and noisy again! Wishing everyone a happy, productive week. I'll be posting pics soon of Yonas and Mitch. Wait till you see how much they've grown. Must be something in the water! ; )

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