Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Beautiful Sunrise for Alee

My daughter, Alee, is a wonderful writer.  I want to share with you something she wrote just before leaving for college.

Each sunrise symbolizes a new day. A breath of fresh air. Change. Old endings. New beginnings. The world is constantly spinning. Seasons fixate for a time, but the days move past. Changing from the buds of spring, the blooms of summer, the blood-red leaves of autumn fall and die, turning a crispy brown before the first snow follows. The cycle continues. Days, months, years fly off the calendar. Memories fade, soon forgotten and the mind is filled with fresher ones. I don't want these memories that I've collected to disappear. I want time to simply stop instead of the clock's secondhand ticking away my life. Take me back. Relive the memories. As vivid as they happened. Only in hope to remember just a little bit longer. I simply live in the past, cherishing every second only to be pushed into the future. The term "old friend" gives a bad connotation. Can they not share the good and bad happening here and now; in the present? Or is that meant for only the new friends that will become old as time moves through? Things can't stay the same forever. Only a fool would think that. But I wish I could live in a stagnant world. Press the pause button. Stare at the moment forever. Watch the blinking numbers unmoving for the rest of our days in immortality. Without change, mortality becomes non-existent. But how can I pick just one moment to live, breathe, think, remember? And how can I know that that one moment is right? Or if there is something better ahead in life? I can't. Simple. I have to press play and move on, no matter how tough it may be. Keep those old friends like new because those people are the people nearest and dearest to my heart. I can make room for the new-soon-to-become-old-like-new friends, of course, but I have to stop. Not stop time, the world or the sunrise but simply stop fearing change. Take a leap into the vast sky in hopes that I'll remember it forever instead of never taking that leap because of fear that it'd be forgotten. Trust. Faith. Things I need to find on this journey through this adventure called life. Sun, please rise. You must rise. I'll see you in the morning for that breath of sweet, fresh air.

I think she expresses beautifully, and with sentiment, exactly what it's like to be eighteen and heading toward your future.

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