Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pretty, isn't it?

Thought you might like to see a beautiful Kentucky sunrise. Can't you just see yourself taking a brisk morning walk down this country road while watching the sun rise up between the trees? (Sigh)  Me too... NOT! Why not, you ask? Because it's too hot. We're having a heatwave and walking anywhere outside of air-conditioning is like walking into a broiler oven cranked on high. This is home and I love it here, but come the end of June up through mid-August, I'd just as soon have my rear parked near a nice, breezy ocean, thank you. All daydreaming aside, looks like for now, if I want to stay in shape, it's going to be me, my treadmill and the ladies on "The View." 


Amy R. said...

Well, you can say that again! Can you believe how hot it has been? Really fearing what July/August might bring if it this sweltering in June. Praying for it to rain here in south Alabama...

Suzan said...

Hello Amy!
I think the only place I hear that's hotter is South Carolina! I'm with you on praying for rain, LOL!

Amy Jo said...

Wow, what a view! And, what a BEAUTIFUL family you are! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm THRILLED to find yours. Can't wait to make a spare moment and read. Your story is incredible and leaves me humbled. You are a treasure, my new Friend. Sweetest blessings :-) Amy in OR