Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Writer's Space

Writer's spaces have always intrigued me. I think how and where we write says a lot about us. Some writers prefer the corner coffee shop, or the public library. Me? I prefer early mornings before the sun comes up. This is when my brain function is at its best, after eleven, forget about it! Where I write plays a role, too. I've been wanting to move my writing space for ages, but have been putting it off because 1. I knew it would take the better of a day, and who has the time? And  2. The desk is just so darned heavy that it was going to take three big guys to move it. It was given to me by a friend who, get this, was going to take it to the Goodwill unless I wanted it! I said, "Are you kidding?! I've dreamt of having a desk like this my whole life." It really is my dream desk, this coming from someone who's acclimated to writing on toilet paper, bar napkins, and an occasional pant leg when worse comes to worse. A real writing desk, me? I absolutely LOVE  it, especially the dents and scratches, which I think only add to its charm and character. So, as you know, it's springtime and springtime always makes me want to clean and re-arrange furniture (which, by the way, always makes my husband run for cover, LOL).  So here's what I discovered over the weekend. Did you know that you can rent a roller dolly from U-haul for just seven dollars? Well, you can. So, I rented two, which made moving virtually anything, even my big cherry wood desk, pretty easy.  My cat, Romeo, is pretty much a permanent fixture; wherever the desk goes, he goes. The only problem I have with that are the occasional bird feathers he leaves behind.  Here's the before and after pics.                      
          BEFORE- Cramped little corner.
                     AFTER–(Big sigh) Room to dream...                         
                                   BEFORE-Cat ruled the roost.
    AFTER-Cat (still) rules the roost. 

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