Thursday, June 4, 2009

Author's Day Picnic

It's hard to believe that the school year is almost over. Boy,  are the kids and I ever excited. We've had so much going on these last few weeks with one in grade school, one in middle school and my oldest getting ready to graduate (Oh my gosh!! Did I just say the "G" word?) More on THAT later because I'll need a box of tissues to even think about it. The tears are happy tears, though. I do have to say how incredibly proud we are of her. She's not let her disability (she had a stroke when she was six) stand in her way of anything.  She's worked really hard in school and it's payed off. She's been awarded with a full academic scholarship. Such a welcome relief in these touchy economic times, let me tell you!
But back to our little man, Yonas, and Author's Day. It was a blast!  First off, the day was beautiful–mid seventies and lots of sunshine. Yonas's class invited we parents to a picnic style lunch. We spread out blankets on the grass, kicked back and ate sandwiches and  got to listen to our little author's read stories and poems that they'd written throughout the year. Talk about cute. How are you counting down the days till school's out? I'd love to hear. I hope you have fun things planned for your summer. Enjoy every minute with your kids (even the bumps and potholes along the way) because they sure do grow up quick! 

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Leslie said...

That's terrific! G's school had something like that and it was pretty overwhelming to think about how far they've come.