Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pretty, isn't it?

Thought you might like to see a beautiful Kentucky sunrise. Can't you just see yourself taking a brisk morning walk down this country road while watching the sun rise up between the trees? (Sigh)  Me too... NOT! Why not, you ask? Because it's too hot. We're having a heatwave and walking anywhere outside of air-conditioning is like walking into a broiler oven cranked on high. This is home and I love it here, but come the end of June up through mid-August, I'd just as soon have my rear parked near a nice, breezy ocean, thank you. All daydreaming aside, looks like for now, if I want to stay in shape, it's going to be me, my treadmill and the ladies on "The View." 

Sunday, June 14, 2009


            Mitch, me, Alee, Ma-maw and Yonas.  Alee and Dad
It's official...(drum roll, please), Alee is a graduate! I'm exceedingly proud of her and all her accomplishments. I'm also a little proud of me... I managed to get through the whole ceremony without doing the "ugly cry." I admit I was a little worried. For those of you who've never been privy to the ugly cry... Let's just say, it's NOT pretty!  I sob, slurp, snuff and hiccup, and then, these red blotches appear all over my face that bear a shocking resemblance to a bad case of measles.  I have a friend named Judy, who is the cutest cryer ever. She can simutaneously shed a tear, set out a party tray and carry on intelligent conversation, all without breaking stride! Me? Not so lucky. In fact, my friends have yet to see me cry. I'm afraid they'd call 911 if they did! Here's some pics of Alee in her cap and gown and me, the proud mom who somehow kept it together on her big day.  : ) 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Writer's Space

Writer's spaces have always intrigued me. I think how and where we write says a lot about us. Some writers prefer the corner coffee shop, or the public library. Me? I prefer early mornings before the sun comes up. This is when my brain function is at its best, after eleven, forget about it! Where I write plays a role, too. I've been wanting to move my writing space for ages, but have been putting it off because 1. I knew it would take the better of a day, and who has the time? And  2. The desk is just so darned heavy that it was going to take three big guys to move it. It was given to me by a friend who, get this, was going to take it to the Goodwill unless I wanted it! I said, "Are you kidding?! I've dreamt of having a desk like this my whole life." It really is my dream desk, this coming from someone who's acclimated to writing on toilet paper, bar napkins, and an occasional pant leg when worse comes to worse. A real writing desk, me? I absolutely LOVE  it, especially the dents and scratches, which I think only add to its charm and character. So, as you know, it's springtime and springtime always makes me want to clean and re-arrange furniture (which, by the way, always makes my husband run for cover, LOL).  So here's what I discovered over the weekend. Did you know that you can rent a roller dolly from U-haul for just seven dollars? Well, you can. So, I rented two, which made moving virtually anything, even my big cherry wood desk, pretty easy.  My cat, Romeo, is pretty much a permanent fixture; wherever the desk goes, he goes. The only problem I have with that are the occasional bird feathers he leaves behind.  Here's the before and after pics.                      
          BEFORE- Cramped little corner.
                     AFTER–(Big sigh) Room to dream...                         
                                   BEFORE-Cat ruled the roost.
    AFTER-Cat (still) rules the roost. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Author's Day Picnic

It's hard to believe that the school year is almost over. Boy,  are the kids and I ever excited. We've had so much going on these last few weeks with one in grade school, one in middle school and my oldest getting ready to graduate (Oh my gosh!! Did I just say the "G" word?) More on THAT later because I'll need a box of tissues to even think about it. The tears are happy tears, though. I do have to say how incredibly proud we are of her. She's not let her disability (she had a stroke when she was six) stand in her way of anything.  She's worked really hard in school and it's payed off. She's been awarded with a full academic scholarship. Such a welcome relief in these touchy economic times, let me tell you!
But back to our little man, Yonas, and Author's Day. It was a blast!  First off, the day was beautiful–mid seventies and lots of sunshine. Yonas's class invited we parents to a picnic style lunch. We spread out blankets on the grass, kicked back and ate sandwiches and  got to listen to our little author's read stories and poems that they'd written throughout the year. Talk about cute. How are you counting down the days till school's out? I'd love to hear. I hope you have fun things planned for your summer. Enjoy every minute with your kids (even the bumps and potholes along the way) because they sure do grow up quick!