Monday, May 18, 2009

POZ Magazine

POZ Magazine's 15th Anniversary issue is out. You can read it online here! I love this magazine and its staff. They work diligently to put out a stellar magazine every single month. POZ's Editor-and-Chief is Regan Hoffman, her story of disclosure a couple years back is hugely inspiring.  In this very special May issue of POZ a number of past contributors were asked how their lives had changed after their stories appeared in the magazine. I was honored to be one of those people. 
My family tells me that sharing our story in POZ Magazine was like having a tremendous weight lifted off. For me, it was more like jumping out of an airplane at twenty-five thousand feet hoping that when I tugged the rip cord the parachute would open. It was a difficult choice–a choice that was fueled by my teenage daughter's desire to speak openly about our disease.  The support that we received from my children's schools and our community was a welcomed relief. Their schools were diligent in their efforts to educate and dispel fears, and because of this my children's experience was a good one. Everyone's circumstance is unique–for us, coming out was the best decision and I've never regretted making that choice. My daughter, Alee has become a huge advocate, and today, I think all my children walk with their heads held just a little bit higher. It's the best gift a mom could have.   Read our story here.  


Bethany said...

Thanks for sharing Regan's blog. She is a wonderful writer and I'm thoroughly enjoying reading her articles and posts.

Anonymous said...

POZ is great!