Saturday, May 2, 2009

Go Baby... Go!

                            AND THEY'RE OFF!

The Kentucky Derby is a rocking event out here. The festivities go on for weeks leading up to the actual event! Clay and I have always wanted to go and we finally got our chance this weekend. Fourteen years we've lived in Kentucky and never gotten to go! It was worth the wait. I really got caught up in the whole "Derby" thing...bought a huge cornflower blue hat and everything. Clay laughed when he saw it and said it was a little "gawdy" which I took as a huge compliment (He knows I love gawdy : ). What a great day. We were within mud-slinging distance of the track and when the horses shot past us at thundering speed, their necks straining forward and muscles writhing, I was completely hooked. Not so much on the betting part–my total winnings for the day were a whopping $6.88–but what hooked me were the horses, and the heart they put into becoming a winner. I was struck by their unbridled passion; it is contagious. Bottom line, these babies love to run! And they give it everything they've got. You can see it in their eyes, the excited way their bodies prance right before the race. They know it's the moment they've been working so hard for.  Although I didn't win big at the races, I took something home from the track more valuable than a buck. We should all strive to have the heart and runaway spirit of a race horse. We should never be afraid to seek out a purpose and to dream.   Do you ever wonder where our passions and dreams come from? Are they little seeds planted by God that we are supposed to grow? What I do know is that life without a dream, or something to strive for is pretty blah. I know because I never had a purpose until I reached thirty...twenty-nine and a half to be exact. Finding out that my children and I had HIV flooded me with purpose, and a huge desire to make a difference. I also love to write. I've been passionate about books and writing for as long as I can remember.  A couple of years ago, I got serious about writing a fictional novel about a young woman with AIDS who risks everything to save her unborn child.  At the time, writing an entire novel seemed an impossible task, but it's surprising how fast a few pages a day adds up. I'm getting ready to cross that finish line, and throw the word "impossible" out of my vocabulary. Go Baby--Go! It's not just for horses. It's a good mantra for racing toward your dreams, also. Speaking of racing, there's one last thing you should know about the Kentucky Derby. Yes, the horses are beautiful and the race nothing short of spectacular, but truth be told, what Derby Day is really about are–you guessed it–THE HATS. Here's mine, along with a few other favorites that Clay and I ran across. I hope they give you a good laugh and make you want to come see the Derby for yourself! The "Infield Cowboy" is my personal favorite. I'd love to know who yours is, so feel free to post, and  don't forget to keep your eye on that finish line no matter how big or impossible your dreams may seem. 

Roses Are Red

Fruit Anyone?
Infield Cowboy
Mae West Has Nothing On me!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun, Suzan! Roses are Red gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Great hats. They are so funny and Infield cowboy is my fave too.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a great time was had by all.
I liked the the hat that was worn by the guy with tatoos along with your inspiring message. Thanks and God bless!

Bethany said...

Your hat - so Southern Belle! Love it. I've always wanted to go to The Derby as well. My husband is English, and he wants lots of All American Experiences, and I'm sure we'll do this event for that reason. Funny...when we're in England is the only time I feel I can pull off these over-the-top hats.