Saturday, April 18, 2009

Prom and Dresses and Fate...Oh My!!

Today is Alee's senior prom and what a day! First off, Alee and I learned a valuable lesson: if you buy a prom dress two months ahead of time, don't wait until the day of prom to try it on again! Alee had lost weight since we bought the dress a couple months ago. She put it on and it was so big on her it looked like she was wearing a shower curtain. I mean it. The bodice was literally falling where it definitely needed to stay up. I'm no seamstress, so hoping for a miracle, I  headed to a nearby Walgreen's to buy some sort of ribbon to make straps. On my way there I passed this little consignment store and hanging in the window was the most FABULOUS prom dress. No way did I think it could possibly fit, but the lady was so nice and said that if it didn't, I could bring it back. It looked like it would cost a fortune. It didn't! Alee thought I'd lost my mind when I came flouncing into the house fifteen minutes later with a new prom dress over my arm. I held my breath; she tried it on, and then I started to cry. I still don't know how it's possible, but it was so perfect...the fit...the color...everything. Her prom meant a lot to me. I never went to prom, and after we were diagnosed, well, thinking about things that were so far in the future was frightening. I've waited eighteen years for this day. Prom, graduation–I used to pray that we would just make it this far, and now here we are, having dress mishaps and last minute miracles!  So, without further suspense, here's the dress! It fit like it was made just for her. How's that for fate? (The handsome young man in the picture is her close friend and date, Ted.)


Anonymous said...

I see that Alee get her beauty from her mom....Clay is a lucky man!!!
God Bless you all.

P.S. Your blog is one of the best I've seen, It's very up lifting and touching it gives us all hope, no-matter what your dealing with!
Again God Bless

Thankfulmom said...

The dress and your daughter are beautiful! You post gives me so much hope and joy. I nearly cried just watching my daughter happily playing soccer today. I hope that one day I'll see her heading off to a prom.

Bethany said...

I hope you had fun Alee. You look beautiful!

K said...

Beautiful! I got teary-eyed. : )