Thursday, January 1, 2009


Forget Me Not


Suzan Stirling

Beneath the shimmering willow tree,

 It is where you’ll find me.

Initials carved into knotty bark

 A token of my love for you  

A delicate vine clings ‘round tree’s trunk.

Breathe in the tall, sweet grass 

This is where you’ll find me.

When winds gust autumn 

And tree rains gold upon mud Earth below

If you should need me, 

Here is where you’ll find me.

Where crimson clouds blaze bold across the setting stage

 And tree,

A charcoal silhouette 

Stands tall against the crooked sky

That is where you’ll find me. 

Ill rest beneath the untouched snow

Until doves come calling and mystic rivers flow.  

 Forget me not, for one hundred years from now 

It is here, that you will find me


As one with all God’s creation

 To once again, be born anew. 

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